is the princess of the Kingdom of Clow, who befriends and falls in love with Tsubasa during her childhood. They first met inside the ruins while she's under her cleansing ceremony, seven days before her birthday. The night before her last ceremony, she brought Tsubasa on the top of the castle to show him the sky, and then Sakura had a sudden dream. She heard the sound of water coming from the ruins, and yelled for Tsubasa to not come closer for it was dangerous. Because of that, Tsubasa decided to come with Sakura to the ruins for her last ceremony and before saying goodbye. To Tsubasa's surprise, there's a sudden earth quake, and a dimension-port appeared. Fei Wong appeared and put a "Black Seal" on Sakura. By the time the wings grow it will devour the princess and she will die. Tsubasa regretfully makes a wish, 'to turn back time so he has the chance to save her'.